2022 Oviedo Historical Society Legacy Awards



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The Oviedo Historical Society is pleased to announce that Desta Horner is  our 2022 Legacy Award Recipient. 

The awards are held annually and the recipient is chosen by vote of the general membership body. The criteria of the Legacy Awards are:

1. A present or past member of the Oviedo Historical Society

2. Someone who has created a lasting impact on the community and continues to serve

3. Someone who upholds and embodies the virtues of our town and our community

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 2022 Legacy Award Winner Desta Horner pictured above with her family

The Oviedo Historical Legacy Awards began as a way to honor the living legacies of our community. These beacons and luminaries who share Oviedo History with some whose families have been integral with the growth and stewardship of our town. We wanted a way to acknowledge and honor them. We wanted to share and showcase those everyday members who let their life be their message through their stories, their involvement, community engagement, and of those around them and younger generations.

2018 Oviedo Historical Society Legacy Awards

In 2018, the Legacy Awards  were introduced. Here are the  Award Recipients.

  • 2018 - Ophelia Moor & Pennie Oliff 
  • 2019 - Ida Boston
  • 2020 - N/A
  • 2021 - Janet Foley &  Bettie Palmer Sprattt
  • 2022 - Desta Horner

 For more information about the Legacy Awards, or to nominate a candidate, email us!