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    The year 2020 saw new opportunities to outreach and reimagine ways to engage our local community. A request went out on our Oviedo Historical Society Facebook Page to ask the community to share their stories growing up here in Oviedo, collective memories, and share about the people that made a difference in oviedo and made a difference in the lives of our citizenry. We've collected and shared the most notable below.

  • Learn About Our Notable Oviedo Residents

    Oviedo Spotlights Its Own

    As a way to spotlight our local talent in the community, the Oviedo History Society introduced History at Home in 2020 to share about Oviedo's history, its citizens, and notable events.


    Click on each name below to view a short biographical history.

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    Learn more about the talent behind the stories that share about our notable Oviedo residents. Join the team and share the stories and history of the Oviedo community.

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    Bob Putnam

    Bob resides in Winter Springs with wife Janet of 52 years. 2 grown daughters. As a retired Professional Engineer, most recently Siemens & Westinghouse, he is active at First Methodist Church of Oviedo. Bob resides as the Current Chair of the Oviedo Preservation Project and a Member of Citizens Advisory Board of Oviedo Community News. Among his varied career, Bob still finds time to serve as Vice President and Founder of the Florida Orienteering club. He is a Broom Maker, Runner, Dulcimer Payer, Writer and performer of One-Man drama shows including several short videos for the OHS History at Home series. Bob is a current student at UCF under the Senior Auditor program. Proud Member of the Oviedo Historical Society.


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    Jeff Evans

    With over 33 years of acting experience, Jeff has had the pleasure of working on over 80 stage productions, 80 films ranging from student films, shorts, and Independent features, in lead and supporting roles. He has worked on 6 episodes of “In The Heat of the Night” for MGM/UA, a documentary on TVONE, and worked on numerous Voice Over projects for NASA, Georgia Pacific, Weiss Financial and many others. He currently has some original stories on the PodCast site, mojavebeachproductions.com under the heading “Jeff’s World, the world according to Him!”

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    Interview & Create Great Stories on Local History


    Thanks to an equipment donation by members Stephen McKenney Steck and Desta Horner, CMF Public Media as given audio recording equipment to the Oviedo Historical Society.


    We have the ability to record History@Home podcasts, interviews, and submissions to StoryCorps for the Library of Congress Archive.


    This venture is member and vounteer driven. If you'd like to be involved and take part, reach out to us and let us know you are interested.


    In the meantime, you can download the StoryCorps app on your smartphone and get started right away!