• OHS Summer 2023 Coloring Book Contest

    This contest is intended to inspire interest and creativity amongst Oviedo's residents to connect with our City's rich and beautiful history!

  • Due to the ongoing roadway construction, we have unfortunately had to close our doors for the summer months, but we still wanted a way to keep Oviedo engaged with our rich local history! Thankfully, there are so many wonderful places around Oviedo and the surrounding area that hold just as much of our community identity as The Lawton House. Since we know many Oviedo residents are looking for some fun ways to stay busy this summer, we decided to host this contest to help spark some creativity amongst our artistic neighbors. We sincerely hope that you will participate in this summer’s contest and that you will find an artistic path to connect with history!


    Individuals who choose to participate will be submitting a piece of artwork depicting the Oviedo Historical Society’s two characters, Sweet and Sour, at Oviedo’s landmarks using the line art style. The Oviedo Historical Society will select ten submissions to be compiled into a historic Oviedo coloring book. Our intention is to create a coloring book featuring Oviedo’s well known and historic sites to engage Oviedo’s youth in taking part in remembering and making history!

  • Guidelines

    1. Dimensions: 8 x 8 or 8.5 x 11
    2. Must include Sweet and Sour
    3. Line art depiction in black and white
    4. Must feature one of the listed locations
    5. Location must be easily distinguished
    6. Must contain family friendly depictions


    • Overlook Park
    • Townhouse Restaurant
    • Lake Mills Park
    • Lawton House
    • Big Tree Park
    • Oviedo on the Park
    • The Coop Antiques
    • Friendship Park
    • Round Lake Park
    • The Oviedo Mall
    • Black Hammock
    • The Econ River
    • Oviedo City Hall
    • Hope Chest

    You may also choose to depict any local government buildings such as the Oviedo Fire Departments, Oviedo Police Department, local Oviedo schools such as Oviedo High School, the Oviedo Recreation Center, etc.



    Sweet the Orange: Generally optimistic, curious, and very friendly. Very adventurous and playful.

    Sour the Lemon: Generally cynical, protective, and a realist with a heart. Very protective over sweet.

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  • How It Works


    Review the Guidelines/Rules

    Read through the guidelines and rules provided on this page to learn how you can participate! Make sure to create your artwork in accordance with these guidelines for your submission to be considered!


    Choose a location

    Look through the list of acceptable locations provided above, and choose one location to depict in your art! Remember, the location must be clearly distinguishable in the picture and must feature Sweet and Sour.


    Create your artwork

    Have fun! Visit the location of your choosing to get a good feel for the location and to capture the spirit of Oviedo that exists there! We want our participants to connect with our town and its history as much as possible, so we encourage you to ask questions, conduct some research, and visit the location over the course of this contest.


    Submit your artwork using the Google Form

    Once you are happy with your art and ready to submit, fill out the google form on this page to make your submission.

  • FAQs

    For more information, review the document attached at the top of this page! If you still have questions, let us know at oviedohs@gmail.com!