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  • The Lawton House

    The Lawton House is open to the public the first Saturday of every month in conjunction with the Oviedo Farmer’s Market from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  If you are interested or are part of a community organization, private group tours are available upon request. Please email Desta Horner, Education Outreach Coordinator for the Oviedo Historical Society.

    We have many opportunities for student volunteers. Here's an example of ways you can support the Lawton House and the Oviedo Farmers Market. Fill out our volunteer application if you are interested in earning vounteer hours, learning more about Oviedo history, making new friends, spearheading new projects, or want to leave an impact our community and its history.

    The Digital Engagement Team

    The Virtual Volunteer program to invite new volunteers to help create content that honors our community, the legacy of its places and people and helps them learn more about the History of Oviedo. The Virtual Volunteer program will be open to currently enrolled high school and college students along with community members who have skills in various forms of digital content creation, social media management and accessibility.


    Upon joining the Virtual Volunteer team, you will receive some training regarding how to communicate with your team and how our virtual workflow functions. You will then be able to start working on projects for the Oviedo Historical Society and the Oviedo Farmers Market, blog, the HIstory@Home video project, various social media channels, web development and more. Please be aware that the requires a minimum of 5 hours per Month and you must document your volunteer hours and update your team each month. For any questions, email us directly at oviedohs@gmail.com.

    Boots on the Ground Team

    This fast attack events team coordinates with the Oviedo Historical Society Board to take charge and produce monthly events at the Oviedo Farmers Market, the Lawton House and other program venues. All volunteers can participate and help spearhead our annual events. Here are just a few on-going and new ones we have planned.

    • Planning seasonal and holiday decorations for the Lawton House
    • Organization and execution of History After Dark Movie Night
    • Designing and coordinating Holiday Tree Lighting and Santa’s area
    • Vendor communication & sponsorship outreach
    • 4th Grade Student Award & Robert James Lawton Senior Scholarship Awards Prep
    • Annual Legacy Awards Planning and Celebration Event
    • Lawton House Interactive Tour
    • Historical Scavenger Hunt, Historical Home, or HIstorical Marker Tour - Geocaching
    • Barktoberfest Dog Costume Contest at the Farmers Market
    • Interactive iPad displays for in-person research & self-guided Lawton House Tours

    Community Outreach

    As part of our committment to providing a central hub for other local historical societies and 501(c)3 organizations, our student volunteers have the opporunity to meet and match with other outstanding non-profits they can lend their leadership and talent to. Volunteer opportunities may look like:

    • Helping out the Longwood Historical Society monthly Car Show
    • Discovering new local vendors for Membership Discount Benefits
    • Handing out Hotdogs at the Annual Holiday Tree Lighting
    • Coordinating Monthly Entertainment at the Oviedo Farmers Market